General English

General English – Morning & Evening course options

Communicate in English with confidence in any situation!

Why study General English at NZLC?
NZLC’s General English courses are the best way for students to develop comprehensive English skills for education, work, social situations and travel in New Zealand and beyond.

•    Suitable for all levels (Beginner to Advanced).
•    Improves English language knowledge and skills.
•    Is communicative, practical and fun.
•    Regular progress tests and academic counselling.
•    Helps students gain confidence in a supportive environment.
•    Introduces students to local culture through activities and project work.
•    Taught by qualified, supportive and friendly teachers.
•    Leads to a variety of further NZLC course options.
•    Pathway to NZLC Academic and English Teacher Training Courses.
•    Graduation Certificate and Academic Report.
•    Start on any Monday of the month (except public holidays) after an English Placement test.

Choose your programme!

NZLC has a wide range of quality English programmes including General EnglishIELTSBusiness EnglishCambridgePathway Programme,  Young Learners CoursesEnglish Teacher Training, and Group Study Tours.

Below, you can see the full level and course chart. This will give you an idea of the courses available to suit your level of English.

Beginner: Can understand simple statements and requests within very familiar situations and can respond in short, learnt phrases or words.

Elementary (A1): Can understand and use very basic language on some personal topics.

Pre-Intermediate (A2): Can understand and use simple language on a range of personal topics and in relation to daily needs.

Intermediate 1 (B1): Can understand and use language related to personal or common every day topics such as education, work, travel and socialising, as well as discuss more abstract topics such as experiences, giving and asking for opinions, and agreeing and disagreeing politely.

Intermediate 2 (B1+): Can understand and more confidently use language related to familiar topics such as education, work, travel and socialising, as well as discuss more abstract topics in greater detail, such as experiences, hopes and plans for the future.

Upper Intermediate (B2): Can understand the main ideas of complex language on a range of concrete and abstract topics, and participate in conversations with native speakers without communication breaking down.

Advanced (C1): Can understand almost everything heard and read, and express ideas and information clearly, precisely and fluently on a full range of complex topics.

English Levels A1-C1 refer to the levels on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Communicative approach

Lesson A:
Focuses on language systems and listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

Lesson B:
Builds confidence and fluency with a focus on listening and speaking

Authentic Materials
Combines the best-published materials with authentic resources from TV, radio, the internet and social media.

Real-world Activities
Activities and project work give you opportunities to use English in real-life situations so that English becomes part of your everyday life.

                                                                                          GENERAL ENGLISH  (Morning & Evening Class)
LevelsBeginner to Advanced (Morning option)/ Pre-Intermediate to Advanced (Evening option)
Entry TestYes
Length1 – 52 weeks / 1 level = 12 weeks
Type – MorningFull Time (20 hrs/wk) + 5 hrs/wk Electives/Activities (optional)
Part Time (12.5 hrs/wk) + 5 hrs/wk Electives/Activities (optional)
Part Time (7.5 hrs/wk) + 5 hrs/wk Electives/Activities (optional)
Type – EveningFull Time (20 hrs/wk)
Part Time (10 hrs/wk)
Course Start*Every Monday (except public holidays)
Class Size12 (average) 16 (maximum)
Age**16+ (Morning option)/ 18+ (Evening option)

* Minimum students number required.
**16 and 17 year old: Young Learners Tuition fee and Adult Textbook/Material Fee Policy apply.


Luiz Fernando, Brazil.

“Since I started studying at NZLC, my classes, teachers and classmates have helped me to achieve my goals. I am so happy with the quality of teaching here!”

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