Cambridge Certificate In Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages 



  • 2023 intake – finished
  • 2024 intake: 29 April to 30 May 2024/ 18 Nov to 19 Dec 2024


What is CELTA?

CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an internationally recognised teacher training course that will give you the qualification you need to teach English to speakers of other languages in any country, both English and non-English speaking. The CELTA is the most widely recognised qualification in English language teaching and will qualify you to teach English as a foreign language in NZ and overseas.

Certificates are awarded by Cambridge Assessment English. Course tutors are experienced English language teachers who have taught in a wide range of professional situations and are accredited CELTA trainers. All courses are externally moderated by Cambridge English, ensuring that standards are maintained.

Being awarded CELTA is one of the language competency requirements for teaching in Aotearoa New Zealand.

CELTA is an initial TESOL qualification. The terms “TESOL” and “TEFL” are used in different ways by different people and do not refer to specific courses and qualifications.

Here is some common terminology used in the TESOL/TEFL industry:

•    ESL– English as a Second Language (has become an umbrella term for many different kinds of teaching contexts)

•    ESOL –English for Speakers of Other Languages (which has largely replaced the term ESL in the UK)

•    EFL – English as a Foreign Language (is less used nowadays and describes the study of English in the student’s home country, or for a limited period in an English-speaking country)

•    TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language

•    TESOL – Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (At NZLC, we use TESOL to refer to a course for non-native speakers of English who want to teach in their home country)

•    TECSOL– Teaching English to Child Speakers of Other Languages (At NZLC, we use TECSOL to refer to a course for non-native speakers of English who want to teach young learners in their home country)


Why study CELTA at NZLC?

“I took the CELTA at NZLC initially because I wanted to do it as soon as possible and NZLC was the school that was offering it the soonest to when I started looking. I didn’t think much about the differences between doing it in 5 weeks or 4 weeks beforehand. But now that I’ve done it, I couldn’t imagine doing the 4 week course. The CELTA is stressful and compact and shortening it more sounds extremely intense.”
Johnathan P – NZLC CELTA Student

•    NZLC offers a unique 5-week course instead of the more usual 4-week course, so students have more time to research written assignments and plan lessons. Students can have a greater enjoyment of the whole experience with less pressure/reduced stress.

•    NZLC is a Cambridge Assessment English approved centres

•    Over 98% passing rate

•    Over 80% of our graduates find employment in ELT after completing the course

•    A reputable NZQA Category 1 Language School with over 500 students from 25 different countries

•    Winner of the ST Star Award English School in the Southern Hemisphere 5 years in a row

•    The largest language school in New Zealand with lots of teaching opportunities available

•    In-course and post-course employment support, including job workshops, Q&A session on how to get your first teaching job delivered by NZLC’s Academic Department, job placement support etc.

•    Be trained by our internationally experienced tutors who have undergone a rigorous selection and training process that is monitored by Cambridge.

•    Perfect location right next to the vibrant Viaduct harbour, surrounded by the water and minutes away from Britomart transport station and ferry terminal.

Complete the application tasks to see if you can be accepted in the NZLC CELTA course.

CELTA is just what you’re looking for if you are:

•    Looking for a career change

•    Planning on moving or travelling overseas, eager to meet and know people from all walks of life

•    Interested in gaining an internationally recognized teaching qualification

•    Passionate about getting practical knowledge, hands-on teaching experience and essential classroom confidence

•    A recent graduate with little or no teaching experience

•    A teacher of other subjects wanting to retrain as an English language teacher

CELTA is suitable for native speakers of English, but is also open to non-native speakers who have native speaker competence in both spoken and written English.

Applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

•    be aged 18 +

•    be a native English speaker or have an equivalent level in English (C1+ to C2 or Advanced CAE ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade or IELTS 7.5)

•    meet the academic Requirement (University Entrance (UE) or equivalent)

•    have the potential to develop the necessary skills to become effective teachers and to complete successfully the written assignments and the assessment of practice teaching

• 29 April to 30 May 2024

• 18 Nov to 19 Dec 2024

CELTA is designed to teach people of 13 years or over. If you are interested in teaching children of 6 to 12 years old then NZLC TECSOL (TESOL for Children) might be an option for you. You can either take TECSOL itself or take it as an extension to CELTA course. Please note that NZLC TECSOL course is designed for non-native English speakers but our TECSOL is based on CELTA Young Learners and it covers the theory and peerteaching & feedback. Also Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Young Learner module preparation is included. NZLC offers a special rate for native English speakers or have an equivalent level in English.

NZLC TECSOL (Full Time, 6 weeks) 
2023 Schedule: 20 Feb – 31 Mar or 7 Aug to 15 Sep in 2023
Course Fee: Normally – $2880 / Extension to CELTA – $1000 / TECSOL Only – $1440
Material Fee: $100
Cambridge TKT Young Learner exam fee: $120

2024 Schedule: 19 Feb – 28 Mar or 5 Aug – 13 Sep in 2024
Course Fee: Normally $3180 / Extension to CELTA – $1000 / TECSOL only – $1590
Material Fee: $100
Cambridge TKT Young Learner exam fee: $120


(Q. Would you recommend this course to someone who is interested in doing it?)


“You will be stretched in ways you can’t imagine. Not only will you develop skills and resources for putting together effective lessons, you will also be exposed to great role modelling from experienced teachers. The course tutors have a wealth of knowledge which they happily share.”

A. 120% recommended
“If you want to be an excellent English teacher, this course is worth every dollar. You will gain a strong understanding of how to teach well and manage a classroom and build rapport with your students.”

A. Definitely
“The TP and feedback are the most valuable things I got from the course, and it has been a great experience! I gained so much experience in a short period of time with these lessons.”

A. Thank you NZLC
“From beginning to end, I have enjoyed every step along the way. Even though it’s a lot of hard work it’s very doable. Especially in a school like NZLC. Everything was really well organized, every little detail. The course ran very smoothly!”

A. Loved it!
“I think anyone who completes this course satisfactorily will feel confident about teaching with the skills they’ve learned and the experience they’ve gained.”

2024 rates

Total of NZ $3,700 (or $3,600 with early bird discount) including GST, including:

  • Enrolment Fee: $250
  • Material Fee: $100
  • Cambridge ESOL Fee: $300
  • Tuition Fee: $3050 (or $2950 with early bird discount)


Receive a $100 discount if you book and pay the $500 deposit 7 weeks before the start date.

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