Travel and Medical Insurance

The NZ Government (NZQA) requires all international students to have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance for the duration of their enrolment at NZLC and for travel to and from New Zealand, regardless of the type of visa they hold. Schools can only accept insurance policies written in English and which meet the requirements set out in the latest Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice.

An acceptable insurance policy includes:

•   Medical care in New Zealand, including diagnosis, prescription, surgery, and hospitalisation; and
•   Repatriation or expatriation of the student as a result of serious illness or injury, including cover of travel costs incurred by family members assisting repatriation or expatriation; and
•   Death of the student, including cover of: 1. travel costs of family members to and from New Zealand; and 2. costs of repatriation or expatriation of the body; and 3. funeral expenses
•   A reputable and established insurer with a credit rating no lower than ‘A’ from Standard and Poors or B+ from A M Best.
•   An insurer who is able to provide 24-hour service, seven days a week.
•   Amounts for health cover should be for an unlimited sum insured.

For more information, visit:

To avoid confusion, NZLC strongly recommends arranging a policy through NZLC prior to arrival in New Zealand.

Insurance will be arranged with an NZQA-compliant insurer such as Southern Cross .

If the student’s own insurance policy does not meet the conditions outlined above, the student will be required to upgrade their policy or order one through NZLC, which can be requested at any time during the enrolment process or on arrival.

If travel/medical insurance is bought through NZLC, the insurance will be purchased 3 days before the student’s NZLC start date to cover the travel period. If a student is travelling to NZ more than 3 days before their NZLC start date, the student must inform NZLC in order to arrange an earlier cover date for the insurance.


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