English Only!

English Only!

We motivate our students to speak only English and improve as much as they can while at NZLC.

Teachers & students come up with goals in the classroom.
•    Students invent a funny class punishment for students who speak another language during class time.

English Only Week’ every 6 weeks.
•    During this week students who are caught speaking another language will receive a red card which they have to pass on to another student during that same day.
•    The goal is to not be left with a red card at the end of the day!
•    English Only Week is a fun way for students to put their personal English goals to the test while participating in a friendly competition against their class and school mates!

Self-Reflection and Improvement.
•    Every 6 weeks during the goal-setting lesson with the teacher, students are encouraged to reflect on what their goals were and how an English only attitude has helped them to improve their English over the last 6 weeks.
•    Students who have tried to speak and use as much English as possible both in and outside the classroom usually see the best results!

Over 90% of our students think our English Only activities have helped them improve faster!

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