Local Support Plan

NZLC Local Support Plan

We are offering special rates on full time courses to anyone already in New Zealand and wishing to study English at one of our award winning schools in Auckland and Wellington.

We understand that the current situation is putting a lot of financial pressure on many people. We want to help students as much as we can which is why we have put together the following support plan so you can continue your dream of studying English while in New Zealand!

 Course Type WeeksWeekly price (was)Weekly price (now)
General English /IELTS / Business English/ Cambridge B2 First (FCE) / Cambridge C2 Advanced (CAE)1 to 11 weeks$420$310
12 to 23 weeks$415$270
24 to 35 weeks$410$260
36 weeks +$400$250
Young Learners(13 – 17 years)1 to 11 weeks$440$330
12 to 23 weeks$435$290
24 to 35 weeks$430$280
36 weeks +$420$270
TESOL/TECSOL (2020)5 weeks$520p/w($2600 per course)$350p/w ($1750 per course)
6 weeks$450 p/w ($2700 per course)$310p/w ($1860 per course)


•   Applicable for people already in New Zealand only

•   $125 enrolment fee applies for any new students. No enrolment fee for course extensions and returners

•   Start course before 16 March 2021

•   Enrolment and payment to be received between 31 August and 30 October 2020

•   For all other fees, please refer to the NZLC Fees and Courses

•   Refer to NZLC Fees and Courses and the NZLC Enrolment Form for NZLC’s full terms and conditions to the NZLC 2020 Fees and Courses and the NZLC Enrolment Form for NZLC’s full terms and conditions

•   Follow any requests from the NZ government at all times in relation to the Covid-19 restrictions


2020 Fees and Courses

2020 Enrolment Form

2021 Fees and Courses 

2021 Enrolment Form

Why study at one of our award winning schools? 

For more information, please contact us at info@nzlc.ac.nz
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