City Link

NZLC City Link – Free return airfare between Auckland And Wellington!

Enrol in a 12 week course with a minimum of 4 weeks at each campus and receive:

A FREE return ticket between Auckland and Wellington.
ONE enrolment fee for TWO campuses.
ONE accommodation arrangement fee for TWO campuses.

In only 4 steps:
•    Choose a course with a minimum length of 12 weeks
•    Study a minimum of 4 weeks at each campus
•    Select NZLC City Link on the enrolment form
•    Book your flights through NZLC at least 4 weeks in advance

•    You must book an English course of 12 weeks full time or more AND study at least 4 weeks in each city.
•    The City Link option must be selected at the time of the initial enrolment and course start dates and lengths must be chosen for each campus.
•    Minimum of four weeks prior booking is required to arrange air tickets.
•    Any changes to booked flights will incur the airline’s applicable fee at the expense of the student.
•    For second or further changes made to the City Link programme after arrival at NZLC, a $50 administration fee per change is required. Student visa holders may also be required to apply for a Variation of Conditions.
•    The flight includes 1 x suitcase (20kg) and carry-on luggage. Any extra luggage will be at the student’s own expense.
•    Multiple courses and campuses under one enrolment form will be treated as a whole and the NZLC Refund Policy applies from the start date of the first course/campus rather than each individual course.

•    If the City Link option is chosen at the time of the enrolment but the details for only one campus are given, the full enrolment fee (or City Link enrolment fee) will be charged and a second accommodation arrangement fee will be charged (if applicable), if the City Link option is chosen at a later date.