Barista - Cafe Server - Cocktail Maker 

Want to learn how to make coffee? 

English + Barista Course

Learn the art of coffee making after your English class. Workshops are held in a café-style setting and will prepare you for making espresso coffees in a commercial environment. A certificate in Barista skills will be awarded upon completion of the course.


Want to work in a Cafe? 

English + Cafe Server Course

Learn how to set up food cabinets,  take customer orders, communicate with customers, operate a cash register as well as point of sale and eftpos systems...

Cafe Server

Want to do an internship @ a local Cafe?

Internship Programme (after completing the Barista Courses Part 1 and 2). Complete your Barista skills with a week of experience in a Cafe : 5h / day, Monday to Friday


Want to learn how to make cocktails?

English + Cocktail and Mixology course

CocktailLearn classics such as Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Mojito and Caipirinha and progress into mixology and start to create your own drinks. You will understand the tastes and flavours of spirits and liqueurs and become a great cocktail maker. Build your confidence at mixing and presenting cocktails at home or at work.


English Level: Intermediate or above required at the time of placement

Duration: Minimum 4 weeks of English at NZLC 

Age Restriction: 17 years +

See the full details for the NZLC Auckland English + Barista Course.

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