Why Choose NZ?

Beautiful Scenery


Rugged snow capped mountains, pristine golden beaches, rainforests, volcanoes, lakes and glaciers. New Zealand has a diverse landscape and because it is geographically small, many of these natural wonders can be visited in the same day.

Something to suit everyone


Bungee Jumping

Cathedral Cove, Coromandel

New Zealand is the world capital for adventure sports and outdoor activities. Here are a few of the things you can do while visiting the country:

  • Test your fear bunjee jumping, sky diving
  • Relax on golden beaches or swim in crystal clear lakes
  • Ski powder covered mountains
  • Hike through untouched national parks
  • Experience the uniqueness and tradition of Maori culture
  • Bath in New Zealand’s renowned thermal springs
  • Swim with dolphins or whale watch in Kaikoura
  • Visit world class vineyards and sample award winning wines

Bay of Islands

Friendly locals



New Zealanders, also known as "kiwis", have an easy going nature and are warm and friendly towards visitors. You will feel welcome wherever you go.


New Zealand enjoys a mild climate so it never gets too hot or cold. This makes New Zealand a pleasant place to explore any time of the year.

New Zealand is a safe country with a very low crime rate. Both Auckland and Wellington city appear at the top of the list in terms of safety and quality of living amoung English-speaking countries. There are virtually no lethal creatures either, so you can explore the beautiful New Zealand nature without having to worry about getting bitten or eaten!


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