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Cambridge English exams open the door to opportunities for work, study and travel

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Course Information

Cambridge English exams are the most recognised English exams in the world and are accepted by employers, educational institutions and government departments around the world as proof of ability to use English. At NZLC we offer different types of exam courses (FCE / CAE) depending on your English level.

Morning classes cover:

  • Reading skills and practice exercises
  • Writing skills and practice exercises
  • Grammar presentations
  • Use of English skills and practice
  • Weekly vocabulary and grammar quizzes
  • Collocations and phrasal verbs

Afternoon classes cover:

  • Listening skills and practice exercises
  • Speaking skills and practice exercises
  • Topical vocabulary
  • Phrasal verbs and commonly used phrases

Progress indicators:

  • Each week a mock test is given of a single exam component to help students prepare for real test conditions
  • An introductory speaking test and 2 full speaking tests will be given over the length of the course
  • Regular academic counseling and test feedback
  • Homework is given daily

Academic Text Book

FCE (First Certificate in English)

Ready for success in the real world.

Course Information

FCE covers the four main language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking with an emphasis on general English usage.Materials are taken from real life sources, including published personal experiences, business meetings and informal / formal writings.


CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)

Leading English exam for professional and academic success.

Course Information

CAE covers the four main skill areas - reading, writing, listening and speaking with an emphasis on general English usage.Employers and Universities are aware of the usefulness of this course. Students will be able to communicate with a high level of fluency in a variety of situations including those at a professional level and will be able to carry out complex and challenging research.


* See course calendar for course start dates

** Minimum number of students required

*** Acceptance for 16 and 17 year old's will be at the discretion of the Academic Department

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