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  • ALICIA SPANISH 2013 06 28 12

    Alicia Grant New Zealand

    Incredibly stimulating. Hugely rewarding! I loved the teaching practice sessions where we could apply the skills we had learnt in a real classroom situation with real students.

General English

  • Ayako Kato

    Ayako Kato Japan

    I have marvellous memories from the day I came to NZLC. I was so nervous because I came alone, but after the orientation I could relax. The teachers were kind to me and I made lots of friends.

  • Ekaterina Popik

    Ekaterina Popik Russia

    The General English course helped me increase my vocabulary a lot and filled in the gaps I had with my English. The listening and speaking lessons are very useful. You can use the vocabulary and expressions immediately in everyday life. There are fun activities during class that help you learn faster.


  • Paola Bejarano

    Paola Bejarano Colombia

    I needed to take the IELTS exam so that I can work part-time while studying in New Zealand. I only needed to get a score of 5.0 and after taking the IELTS preparation course for 5 weeks I was able to get 6.0 in the exam! I am very happy with this and am thankful to my teachers.
    See Test Report Form.

  • Rouyi Che Rouyi Che China

    In 4 months, my IELTS bandscore improved from 5.5 to 7.0! I am very happy with the NZLC teachers and learning environment.I recommended NZLC to all my family and friends!!

  • Denis Kosorukov

    Denis Kosorukov Russia

    The most useful thing in IELTS class at NZLC is a possibility to interact with Teachers. IELTS is a quite difficult course/exam and there is not only one correct way to explain some difficult topics. That is why I find it very useful when students can ask for some extra information (hints and tips) from teachers in real time, during the lessons. So, sometimes it looks like an interactive game where the co-operation with the teacher and classmates gives you the key to success.
    P.S. Pete and Carolyn, I am really grateful for your help.

IELTS Pathway

  • Ming Yang 2014

    Ming Yang UNITEC China

    I would recommend my friends to come to NZLC if they need to study IELTS. My teachers are very nice and I feel my skills improved a lot.

Young Learners

  • Sae Kajita YL 2013

    Sae Kajita Japan

    The first day I arrived was...good! I was really nervous, I couldn't talk a lot, but I made friends with other students. I met a Chinese student, a Brazilian girl who is now my best friend, and a French girl. It's so much fun being with everyone! I really love this school.
    (Age 16, Young Learner General English)

  • CléMentine Piquemal New Caledonia YL 2013

    Clémentine Piquemal New Caledonia

    NZLC English classes are very useful. I'm not so good in grammar. My morning class is really great because we study a lot, and we play games in the afternoon so that's easier. Finally, the teachers are really nice and everybody is helping us.
    (Age 17, Young Learner General English)

  • Laysa Eduarda Mantovani Negreiro Brazil YL 2013

    Laysa Eduarda Mantovani Negreiro Brazil

    “We did a lot of activities such as going to the Sky Tower, kayaking, Laser Strike, rock climbing, ice skating, bowling, and I loved it because we were in a group and it’s nice to speak with people from other countries.”
    (Age 15, Young Learner General English)

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