Young Learners + Activities make Lifelong Friendships

Last month, we said goodbye to another amazing group of Young Learners who participated in our June – August Young Learner + Activities programme. We welcomed students from all over the world including Tahiti, China, Japan, New Caledonia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan and more!

Mike YL Tahiti

Young Learners quickly form a special bond with each other and keep in touch and practise their English when they go back to their country!

Many even come back to the programme every year to meet their friends from all over the world! Having an overseas experience at a young age is the best way to improve English skills while the brain is still young, open minds to new cultures and shape our Young Learners into confident and independent young people!

Our next Young Learner + Activities starts on December 7th.  The summer programme includes a lot of outdoor activities while the sun is shining! See here for the calendar.

They wanted to share with us what they thought:

Haolin YL China

“We always talk a lot to our classmates! In activities we play and I made a lot of friends! Every day I feel happy! That’s why I chose NZLC!" Haolin, from China.

"I made good friends here from other countries. I am sad to go back to Korea.”

Dowon, from Korea.

Dowon YL Korea

Tina YL China & Amber YL Tahiti

"I love New Zealand and NZLC and I made really good friends here. I will come back in 2 years and I am really looking forward to it”.

Amber, from Tahiti.

“It was my first time in New Zealand. People here are very kind and there are many beautiful places. I like it here! I made some new friends at school and my English has improved." Reina, from Japan.

Reina YL Japan

We also offer Young Learner General English + High School Preparation all year. For more information, please contact us.

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