NZLC students amazing Cambridge test results!

Last September NZLC ran one CAE class and two FCE classes. In January 2015 our students received their results and we are thrilled with some incredible results! We decided to have a chat with Gaetan Girard from Switzerland who go an A pass for CAE and Sota Takahashi from Japan who got a C pass in FCE. 

 Meet Gaetan from SwitzerlandGaetan 

19 -year-old Gaetan from Switzerland came to NZLC in September 2014 to do a CAE preparation course. After completing the course Gaetan spent the summer travelling around NZ.  

Why did you decide to come to NZ?

Mostly because of the friendliness of Kiwis and the beauty of the landscapes.

Why did you decide to take the Cambridge course?

The Cambridge certificates are very popular in Switzerland and really helpful when you apply for a job. Moreover, this certificate lasts forever and doesn’t only include academic English but also common usage of the language.

What were your classes, the teachers and your classmates like at NZLC?

The classes were interesting because there was a lot of interaction between teachers and students. The teachers were particularly knowledgeable and always ready to answer your questions. My classmates came from all over the world and we all became good friends in a short time.

What are your plans now and what are your plans when you return to Switzerland? How will the CAE qualification help you to achieve your goals?

I am going to start university next September and I am probably going to study law. Nowadays English is really important and the certificate will help me to apply for a job especially in international companies.

What was the best thing about NZLC and New Zealand experience?

The school and the class atmosphere is something that I’m going to remember forever. I loved the relationship that I had with the teachers and I made good friends as well. Besides that, I fell in love with this country and all the beauties it showcases. Most of all, I learnt a lot about myself and became more open-minded, tolerant and independent.

Gaetan’s tip for students interested in taking CAE :

You need to be attentive in class, learn new vocabulary at home and speak English as much as possible, that's what helps most. Moreover, reading whatever you want in English is an efficient way of learning. And don't forget to enjoy it, this is a unique experience and time runs really fast... 

CAE Class


Meet Sota from Japan 22 year-old , who came to NZ in August. Sota started with a General English course before moving to the FCE class. 

He travelled around the South Island over the Christmas period with his classmates and has now returned to NZLC to study TESOL.

Why did you decide to come to NZ?

I want to be an English teacher but I had realised my English was not good enough to be a teacher so I came here. My travel agent told me that NZLC was an excellent school.

Why did you decide to take the Cambridge course at NZLC?

I hadn’t actually planned to do it but at NZLC I heard the course was really useful and practical. When I arrived the Student Services helped me to make a detailed study plan to match my needs.

What were the classes, teachers and your classmates like?

Simply excellent! The teachers were really patient and knowledgeable and my classmates were friendly and hardworking.

What was your English like when you arrived at NZLC? What is it like now?

When I arrived, I didn’t have confidence. Japanese people don’t have the opportunity to speak English, we study grammar. Now I can speak without embarrassment and hesitation. It’s the biggest difference actually!

What was the best thing about NZLC and your New Zeanland experience?

Meeting a lot of people from all over the world. I hadn’t expected to make such fantastic friends in a foreign country!  

Sota’s tip for students interested in taking FCE:

Enjoy it! I made many precious friends and unforgettable experiences outside of the classroom. I couldn’t get the certification without my friends and teachers. If you can enjoy it, you’re going to have a great memory in the FCE class!


And this is how they celebrated their success...

Sota in Bungeejumping

Gaetan in South Island

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