The CELTA Course Opens Doors

Student Profile: MaryAnne Puno

    • New Zealand-born Filipina
    • Graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Major: Public Relations) from AUT University in 2010.
    • Prior to taking the CELTA, worked as a Conference Manager for a locally owned SME on Auckland’s North Shore. Organised professional conferences for a variety of industry sectors.

My CELTA experience

Ask anyone who completed the Cambridge CELTA course about it and most will respond with adjectives like: “intense!” and “hard core!” After going through it myself, I’d definitely agree. Taking on CELTA has been one of the most demanding experiences of my life, but also one of the most rewarding. I’ve made lifelong friends and learned so much about myself.

Thanks to the amazing mentors at NZLC, I have the theory and skill I need to do my job well. I also have the confidence from practical experience to know that I can handle just about anything in my English classes.  

CELTA, which is awarded by Cambridge ESOL, has helped me by giving me the foundation I need to begin my journey as a teacher whilst giving me the freedom to discover what teaching style works for me. My qualifications have helped me secure work in Auckland teaching students ranging from Chinese 11-year-olds to Brazilian 45-year-olds, as well as working in my current job in South Korea.

CELTA has opened the doors to overseas teaching opportunities

At the moment I’m having the time of my life working as a Guest English Teacher at Incheon’s Yonan Elementary School in South Korea. With the help of a Korean co-teacher, I teach 4th - 5th Grade students according to the school curriculum and prepare after-school classes for Grades 1-2. I’m currently signed on for a year, but who knows where this job will take me?

Nothing really prepares you dealing with young ones better than actually teaching, but thanks to skills I learnt during the CELTA teacher training course including lesson planning, classroom management and concept checking, adapting to this new environment has been much less daunting.

Now I have more time to sit back (but never relax – the kids make sure of that!) and enjoy the adventure.

To anyone who’s thinking about doing the CELTA, I’d recommend it in a heartbeat. Whether you’re a teacher in your own right or starting out like me, this is an incredible opportunity to challenge yourself.

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