The BEST thing about NZLC Wellington

Chaliwan from Thailand says the best thing is "meeting people from all over the world".

Chaliwan Thailand

“I visited my cousin who lived here in 2014 and I loved this city so much that I decided to study here! I love the coffee and restaurant culture here. The best thing about NZLC Wellington is that I have made friends from all over the world. I don’t learn only about the Kiwi culture but I’ve learnt a lot about cultures from everywhere!”

Chaliwan is studying at NZLC Wellington for 5 months. She also works part-time as a Barista in a local café. This month she will take the IELTS test and go on to further study in Wellington.

Sylvain from Switzerland says the best thing is "the relaxed atmosphere".

Sylvain Switzerland

“I decided to come to NZLC Wellington because I wanted a once in a lifetime experience. Other English speaking countries are close to Switzerland but I wanted something different. New-Zealand is beautiful and it’s also isolated so I thought it was the best way to practise my English. 

The best thing about NZLC Wellington is the relaxed atmosphere. The classmates and the teachers have a friendly relationship so we feel comfortable asking questions. It’s really easy to discover the city because everything is so close!”

Sylvain is in the Advanced General English course and after he finishes studying, he will spend two weeks traveling around the South Island and then return to Switzerland to start his degree in International Relations.

Minjung from Korea says that "NZLC staff is the best thing".

Minjung Korea

 “I chose Wellington because Korean life is very busy. I wanted a relaxing life and I think that Kiwis are very friendly and kind. The best thing about NZLC is the staff! My teacher Allison is amazing and when I was looking for a flat, we had some problems understanding the agreement but NZLC staff helped us a lot.”

Minjung has the Working Holiday Visa and decided to study 4 months of General English to improve her skills before searching for work.

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