Awesome Student Christmas Party2014!

On 19th of December, NZLC hosted our annual student Christmas party!  It had been an unusually rainy week so we were all thrilled to wake Friday morning and see that the sun was shining for us!  

NZLC students went to their normal English classes until 12.15 and then we all hopped on a bus and headed to the beautiful Western Springs Park. Students from the General English, Business, IELTS, Young Learner courses and even NZLC teachers all came along for the fun.

Christmas Lunch

Christmas BBQ

By the time we arrived at the park, everyone was starving and ready for lunch. The smell of sausages filled the air and everyone quickly found the food station to grab their lunch of sausages, fried chicken, salad, bread rolls, fish, spring rolls and of course some yummy drinks. We even had a candy floss machine for our students with a sweet tooth!

After everyone’s lunch had settled it was time for the activities to begin! There was sumo wrestling, volleyball, balloon darts, twister, bowling, soccer and more.

Christmas Sumo Wrestling

Christmas Volley Ball

Some people preferred to sit in the sun and chat with friends or go for a walk around the lake while others were keen to try everything! Everyone was enjoying putting on music from their countries to show their friends and our Colombian students Sandra even taught an entire dance routine to 30 other students!

By mid-afternoon the sun was in full force and it was time for the water guns to come out to cool us down. Some people ran away and hid from the blasts of water but others wanted to get as wet as possible! After the water fight, it looked as though our teacher Luke had been dunked in a swimming pool!

Christmas Water Fight

Next it was time for the races and the ‘NZLC staff vs students’ tug-of-war. It was a close competition but finally the students were the winners of the day!

Christmas Tug of War Staff vs Students

By about 4pm everyone was exhausted from the big day. NZLC staff handed out chocolates and sweets to keep up energy levels and everyone started packing up their gear to head back to the school.

What an awesome day! Thanks for coming everyone and we wish you all a wonderful Christmas!

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