NZLC rated Category 1

Immigration New Zealand have introduced policy changes for 2014 with regard to extending work rights to all international students studying at high quality providers who are rated Category 1 by NZQA in the English Language sector. NZLC NZQA Category 1 Logo

NZLC - A Category 1 Provider

We are pleased to announce that NZLC is a Category 1 provider.

This means students who enrol for English study of at least 14 weeks’ duration at NZLC Auckland or NZLC Wellington will be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week! This change will take effect from January 2014. 

More information about Immigration New Zealand’s policy changes can be found here.

How are schools rated a Category 1 English Provider by NZQA?

Schools are graded 'Highly Confident', 'Confident', 'Not Yet Confident' or 'Not Confident' in each area of educational performance and capability in self-assessment. In order to be deemed a Category 1 provider, schools must score Highly Confident in at least one area and Confident in the other.

NZQA conducted an EER (External Evaluation Review) at NZLC in December 2013. NZLC was rated ‘Highly Confident in educational performance’ and ‘Highly confident in capability in self-assessment’.

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