NZLC student finds work on NZ farm

Victor is a qualified vet in Colombia and came to improve his English at NZLC on a student visa.

Before his student visa finished, he was lucky enough to get a sponsored work visa to work on a farm.

"New Zealand has one of the world’s biggest dairying industries, it produces huge quantities of milk of good quality with low production costs, being a role model for many countries. When I discovered that and also that I could study and work at the same time here I decided to travel in order to improve my English and gain some experience on a farm.

At first I was studying English at NZLC, which let me meet many people from everywhere. I learned about their cultures, customs and so on. It is an enjoyable and pleasant place to improve your skills, it meets all your needs with its many courses offered and above all you will always find people willing to help you at any moment and in any situation.

Afterwards, I was able to get a job on a farm, which is another dream come true. We are milking nearly 500 cows and start at 5.30 am. There have been some frosty mornings where my fingers became stiff from the cold and I have needed to put my hands on the cow’s udder in order to keep them warm.

It’s calving season now which is the busiest and most difficult time on a farm during the whole year! I live in a single, really comfortable house which I enjoy a lot; there are some lambs and hares around it which make it a peaceful place.

Victor Farm

When you travel abroad and have to stay for several months away from home, not only your lifestyle but also your thoughts and how you see the world changes drastically. Therefore lots of ideas that had never passed through my mind are now there.

My main purpose is and will be to improve my English because I realize it is the key to open many doors, but at the moment I am focused on my job and looking for opportunities in the Veterinary field."

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