NZLC student finds job in English-speaking company

Earlier this month ex-NZLC student Nobuhiko Horiuchi contacted one of our staff members to update us on his life back in his home country of Japan. 

Nobuhiko and NZLC Friends Class

I came to NZLC in August 2014 and I started a full-time General English course. I learned a lot in my General English classes and then thanks to some advice and counselling from an NZLC staff member I decided to take TESOL too. This gave me the extra challenge I needed and also an amazing qualification to put on my CV!

Although I had studied some English in Japan, living in NZ and speaking it every day made me improve a lot! My speaking confidence especially improved because NZLC classes are really communicative.

I returned to Japan early in 2015 and found a job in a foreign company using English every day! I could get this position simply because I learned English at NZLC and thanks to the NZLC staff, teachers and friends! Having a good level of English gives us a BIG advantage when looking for jobs in Japan!

Nobuhiko and NZLC Friends

I still keep in touch with my many friends in Brazil, Colombia, France, Switzerland, Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, of course NZ and more! 

I’m sure I will see them again and we are planning to have a school reunion every two years!

I studied English very hard because it was my purpose but at the same time, I really enjoyed the New Zealand life with my friends. We traveled together on the weekends and planned parties and activities for the weekdays too.  I can still remember every moment clearly. Such beautiful days those were.  

After we graduated, we all went back to our home country but we continually stay in contact and now we have friends all over the world who we can visit!

Nobuhiko and NZLC Friends Day Trip

We made the most of every day at NZLC and our friendships will last forever!

Thank you NZLC for this experience!

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