NZLC Student Elisa gets an amazing band score of 8.5 in her IELTS exam!

Elisa IETLSElisa came to NZLC in June 2015 and started by taking a 6 week General English course, she then moved to a 5 week IELTS course.

She practised reading and writing in the morning and speaking and listening in the afternoon also making the most of the FREE NZLC after-school Study Support programme.

Elisa was thrilled when she received the overall band score of 8.5 with top marks for reading! 

Here’s what Elisa told us about her NZLC IELTS experience:

"The IELTS course was intensive which helped me to improve my skills quickly and without even noticing, I was making such an effort to achieve my goal! We discussed interesting topics and debated in the class."

"Everyone participated and it gave the class an atmosphere which allowed us to study while having a good time. I feel like it is really the teachers’ methods and the way in which they made me feel confident and encouraged me. They did this with every single student while still making the class feel like a crew, a team that drove us to push one another to achieve the best results that we could!"

"The IELTS course helped me to improve my vocabulary and fluency. It brought me confidence in my speaking, not only in terms of IELTS tasks but also in my everyday life. I really enjoyed the eleven weeks I spent at NZLC, first in the General English intensive course and then in the IELTS course."

"It has been a wonderful experience and if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing! After I finish my Bachelors in Political Science, I’d like to study Criminology in London so I figured that to have as many opportunities as possible, I need to take the IELTS test. Besides that, I live in Geneva so being fluent in English is a huge perk in my everyday life." 

Congratulations Elisa! We wish you all the best of luck for your future!

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