NZLC Homestay Programmes

Staying with a homestay family through an NZLC homestay programme is the best way to practise your English and learn a lot about the Kiwi culture.   

Our homestay families are especially chosen by NZLC staff to provide a caring and friendly environment for students who are looking for an extra special New Zealand experience.

Homestay families offer either a private or shared bedroom and students can food is provided. Students can choose between half-board and full-board.

We decided to have a chat with NZLC student Fernanda from Brazil to hear more about a homestay experience through a student’s eyes.

What is your homestay family like?

I stay with a lady called Trish and her cat. Trish is lovely and when I am with her I feel at home.

What is your homestay house like?  

My house is big with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious kitchen and living room and a huge area in the garden. It’s really comfortable and quiet.

How did your family help you during the first few days?

Trish is really patient with me. It’s difficult to express myself in English so she explained about the school, helped me to take the bus, get a phone in NZ and took me to the mall.

What type of food have you been eating with your homestay?

Trish always likes to make different things so I never get bored with her cooking. She knows that I don’t like to eat too much meat so she invents many kinds of vegetarian food but her cooking is delicious anyway!

Describe a typical weeknight with your homestay family.

During dinner we talk a lot. She wants me to try and express myself in English. She always invites me to watch TV after dinner. Last Friday we laughed a lot when we watched a TV show about famous people.

What has been the best thing about staying in a homestay?

The hospitality. New Zealand is a really good country and the people are friendly and kind. Imagine yourself alone in a different place but with good people that are always nice to you, this is the way my homestay is with me.

What is something that you think is very different about a ‘normal’ New Zealand household compared to your country?

People here really care about the environment. They are responsible when discarding their rubbish and worry about the consumption of energy. This is something that I do in Brazil but I don’t think all Brazilians have this attitude and I think it’s a really good thing to do.

Would you recommend a homestay experience to other NZLC students?

For sure! It’s absolutely important to have this first contact because when you arrive in a different country you help to establish yourself and get used to the culture. When you are in a homestay, you live this culture every day and the most important thing is to speak English every day!

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