NZLC English + Cocktail Course!

Congratulations for completing your NZLC English + Cocktail and Mixology Course Daniel!

The prestigious New Zealand School of Food and Wine (NZSFW) is located one level above NZLC Auckland and offers a range of short course at discounted prices to NZLC students, including a Barista Course, Introduction to Hospitality, Café Internship and the new Cocktail and Mixology course!

Nzlc Cocktail and Mixology Course

Taking one of these courses will give NZLC students a huge advantage when looking for a job in the hundreds of bars, restaurants and cafes in the city of Auckland! New Zealand is famous for its high quality hospitality, food and service so it’s a great industry to get experience in while studying!

A couple of weeks after finishing the Cocktail Making course, Daniel found his first job as a bartender for an events company! As NZLC is an NZQA rated category 1 school, Daniel has the right to work up to 20 hours on his student visa.

Nzlc Cocktail and Mixology Practice

On the first day of the course, Daniel learnt about the theory and science behind mixing different spirits and on days 2-4, the students spent more time in the bar actually mixing the cocktails.

They started with simple mixes and by day 3, Daniel and his classmates were already making their own cocktails including martinis, mojitos and margaritas all under the supervision of the kind and knowledgeable tutor, Steven. During the course, Daniel sat one theoretical test and the final task was to design and create his own delicious cocktail! They also did a lot of roleplays to create a real “bar” scenario and learnt how to take orders and interact with customers.

Nzlc Cocktail and Mixology Training

Daniel says he would highly recommend the course to all students and feels that it really gave him the extra advantage in his search for work!

Nzlc Cocktail and Mixology Certificate

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