Merry Christmas Everyone!

NZLC Auckland

After the entertaining presentations given by our Business English students, the school enjoyed a Christmas lunch at NZLC Auckland on Thursday.

NZLC Christmas Lunch


NZLC Christmas

Students brought in some beautiful plates of food from their own countries. We gave a prize for the students who made the most delicious looking dish. Murilo and Jessica won with their amazing Strawberry dessert. Yum!


Chef winners

Christmas on the Beach!

Christmas in New Zealand may be a completely new experience for those of you who are from the northern hemisphere…we don’t have any snow and it doesn’t get dark at 3pm in the afternoon. Instead of wrapping up with a scarf and a woolly hat, you’ll be reaching for the sunscreen and your togs* and hitting the beach*!

Long Bay

Kiwi’s celebrate Christmas during the day on the 25th of December. Families gather around the Christmas tree to open presents and then enjoy a roast* dinner or BBQ. Many kiwi* families have a bach* so they spend Christmas on the beach in the sunshine.

*Kiwi Expressions

Togs – The New Zealand English word for bathing suit.

Hit the beach – A colloquial way to say you are going to the beach. In this sentence “hit” could be replaced with “go”.

Kiwi – Kiwi can refer to the kiwi bird or fruit, but here it is talking about a New Zealander!

Roast – A traditional British meal consisting of roasted meat and vegetables.

Bach - (Pronounced “batch”) The New Zealand English word for a “summer house” or “holiday home”. 

NZLC wishes you a safe and happy Christmas!

NZLC EBP Students at Christmas Lunch

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