IELTS After-School Study Support

NZLC Study Support is a FREE after-school programme which offers IELTS students individual help and feedback so they can make the most of their NZLC study experience and prepare for their test.  

IELTS Study Support 2

IELTS teachers describe Study Support as a “student led workshop”, and the idea is that students can also gain the skills needed to carry out independent study at home and on the weekends too.

Free Study Support is offered Monday – Thursday from 3.30 – 4.30pm. The NZLC IELTS campus is equipped with computers, books, listening resources, a photocopier, a common area, a kitchen and IELTS test information all in a quiet, academic space.

What is offered during IELTS Study Support?

  • General and Academic writing feedback
  • Speaking test practice and feedback (individual or in groups)
  • Individual advice about which IELTS resources to use
  • Tips on how to use additional IELTS resources
  • Individual advice on IELTS test strategies
  • Help with IELTS test applications
  • Help with expanding vocabulary (synonyms, idiomatic expressions, academic word lists)
  • Online materials which relate to the topics covered during class
  • Guided autonomous learning and peer support

Nicolas from France has been studying IELTS at NZLC for 14 weeks and his plan is to sit the IELTS test in November.

IELTS Study Support 1“I come to after-school Study Support nearly every day. I’m a nurse back home and my goal is to get an IELTS 7 so I can practise nursing here in NZ. The best thing about after-school Study Support is that I get advice from a variety of teachers. Everyone has different ideas and tips on how I can improve my IELTS skills and all of the teachers are so helpful and supportive. I mostly use this time to get my writing checked and also do speaking test practice. I use the books to do reading practice and sometimes I even get tips from the other students who attend Study Support.”

IELTS courses run every 5 weeks at NZLC. For more information, contact us.

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