How can I find a job in NZ?

It’s a great idea to find a job in NZ to help support your studies as well as practise your English and meet new people! With a good English level and a ‘can-do’ attitude, many NZLC students have successfully found jobs during or after their studies.

English and Barista

If you want to work in NZ, you will need the correct visa. NZLC is a Category 1 school so when you enrol for a 14 week full-time course on the Student Visa, you can get a 20 hour per week work permit.  You may also work on the Working Holiday Visa. You cannot work on a Visitor Visa! 

The first thing you should do is get your IRD (tax) number and then you can start your search for work. At NZLC we offer free job preparation workshops once a week. During this workshop we can help you get your IRD number, write a CV in English, practise interviews as well as learn about the labour laws in NZ and more!

NZLC classes are very interactive too so you will get the chance to do role-plays to improve your conversational skills, pronunciation and learn how to interact with customers and employers in English before you start your job search.

Many of our students find work in the hospitality industry so you can work as a waiter or waitress, a bartender, a barista, a cleaner and or even a receptionist!

NZLC also offers an English + Barista Course too so you can learn about coffee making and hospitality skills before you start looking for a job in a café or restaurant.  

Here’s what some NZLC students have to say about their job search experiences in NZ:

Olga Ukraine

Olga from Ukraine:After one week of my study at NZLC, I visited the workshop “How to find a job in NZ”. I wrote my CV and in one week I found a position as a waitress. I have been working there for two months after school and on the weekends. I’ve had a good chance to meet many people and improve my English skills.

Mauricio Colombia

Mauricio from Colombia: “The best piece of advice I can give is to have a positive attitude. I found a job as a waiter for an events company after four weeks of searching because I was networking all the time and open to trying anything! NZLC staff also helped me a lot to write my CV and give me advice. This job was really cool because I met friendly people and went to some really fun events. Everyone was interested in talking to me about my country and my life in NZ.

NZLC’s top tips for finding work in NZ:

  1. Go to the NZLC free job preparation workshops to learn as much as you can and then ask NZLC staff to check your CV and help you get your IRD number.
  2. Hand out many CVs. Don’t just try to look for work in one area but go around the city and give out your CV in person, don`t just apply online! 
  3. Be open-minded, patient and try any kind of job. The type of part-time work will probably be very different to the job back in your country and it may take at least a few weeks to find a job.
  4. Talk to people and network all the time. Talk to your classmates, teachers, NZLC staff, people you met at social events and your homestay and tell them you are looking for work. You never know the contacts they might have!
  5. Be positive! Your enthusiastic attitude is the key to your success!  

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