Finding an English Teaching Job after an NZLC CELTA Course

The CELTA is the most widely recognised qualification in teaching English to adults and will qualify native, (or near native), English speakers to teach English as a foreign language in New Zealand and all over the world!  

Katy CELTA Course

NZLC Auckland offers various CELTA courses throughout the year and at the end of every course there are workshops on how to find a job and how to move into different areas such as Business English teaching,

teaching younger learners and more!
Our experienced CELTA trainers have taught English all over the world including Japan, Vietnam, Kuwait, the UK, Australia, and of course NZ so they are happy to talk about their personal experience, give advice and offer support as NZLC graduates embark on their search for their first job. They can also help support graduates to prepare their CVs and show them the best ways to go about finding teaching work just about anywhere in the world!

Katy did her CELTA course at NZLC in 2013 and is currently teaching in Auckland.

Katy English Teacher

We caught up with Katy for a chat about her experience:

Katy, what was the best thing about doing the CELTA course at NZLC?

"The best thing was how much confidence I gained in the classroom and how much I learned in five weeks! My trainers were so supportive and inspiring, I definitely couldn’t have done the course without their amazing support."

What did you do after you finished the course?

"I actually started teaching at NZLC immediately after I finished my course! It was great because I could put my teaching skills into practice straight away. After about three months of teaching at NZLC, I went to Korea to work in a high school and an elementary school for one year which was also a fantastic experience."

What are your plans for the future?

"I’m happy to be back teaching in Auckland for now but there are always so many jobs all over the world, especially in Asia and  the Middle-East so who knows where I’ll end up next! Many of my fellow CELTA classmates have gone on to teach in parts of South America, China, Japan and Europe."

"Having a CELTA opened up so many doors for me and I would definitely recommend taking the course at NZLC in this supportive and dynamic environment"

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