Fantastic IELTS results Kazuko!!

Kazuko needed to reach an overall band score of 7.0 with a minimum of 6.5 in every skill in order to study nursing in Brisbane, Australia. Kazuko was thrilled when she received her results and saw that she got an 8.0 in Listening, 8.5 in Reading, 6.5 in Writing and 7.5 in Speaking after studying IELTS at NZLC for only eight weeks!

Kazuko Kudo IELTS Results

These are very impressive results so we had a chat with Kazuko about her NZLC IELTS experience:

These are fantastic test results Kazuko! How did you feel when you received them?

"Thank you! When I saw these results at first, I couldnt believe that I actually achieved these scores. I was so excited and beside myself with joy!"

Had you taken the IELTS test before? If so, when and where? What were your results the first time?

"I took the IELTS test quite a few times throughout last year 2014 in Japan and New Zealand. My first try in the IELTS exam was just a year ago and I could only get overall 6.0 (L6.5 R6.5 W5.0 S5.0)."

What were the biggest challenges you faced during your NZLC course? How did you overcome them?

"My biggest challenge during the course was striving to push 1.0-1.5 points up in writing part within two months. The achievement of my writing was never enough in the last few exams to meet the requirement for enrolling in a nursing degree. I finally could make it because my teachers encouraged me to be confident in my writing and gave me shrewd advice according to the IELTS criteria as well as correcting my grammar and spelling."

What were the biggest improvements you made during your time at NZLC? What do you think was the reason you made such big improvements?

"Reading and writing. I got to learn a lot of skills for reading section in classes in order to answer questions quickly and accurately, which I think helped me get the result in reading section that I’d never achieved before studying in NZLC."

Why did you decide to study IELTS preparation at NZLC?

"Id participated in trial lessons in a couple of schools which offer IELTS preparation course in Auckland, and I decided NZLC because I found that NZLC has more experienced, skillful teachers who specialised in IELTS exam and simply the class that I attended was fun!"

How was your classroom experience? How did you find the materials, teachers, the school environment and your classmates?

"It was great fun, worthwhile eight weeks studying in school. Attending classes provided by experienced IELTS teachers helped me understand the exam structures more and extend my scores strikingly as well as my actual English proficiency level. In terms of materials, teachers used not only a text book but also other reading materials that are more current and sometimes relevant to NZ culture, making me find a reading practice interesting. Last but not least, having a company while I was striving to achieve my goal in IELTS exam kept me motivated and being a hard worker, and of course, I could get to know different cultures and perspectives from my classmates every single day!"

What would be your advice for someone who is thinking about taking an NZLC IELTS preparation course and the IELTS test?

"I would totally recommend the NZLC course if you need to take the IELTS exam as I could improve my scores comprehensively in such a short period of time.

My advice for someone who is thinking of taking the NZLC IELTS course and the IELTS test would be that you should make most of classes and facilities that NZLC offers.

For example, there is After Class Study Support where you can get an individual help from IELTS teachers for your writings, speaking and anything you may be concerned about in the exam. Good luck!"

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Kazuko! Well done for all your hard work and effort, we are very proud! Best of luck with your nursing training!

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