Enjoying the outdoors in Summer!

NZLC student Wakana wins a double pass for a Dolphin Safari in the Hauraki Gulf in Auckland!

In December NZLC Auckland hosted our student Christmas party as part of our monthly activity programme. The party was in the beautiful Mission Bay Park. We had games and a BBQ on a lovely summer’s day.

Christmas Party 2015

One of the highlights of the day was when we drew the prize for two tickets for a Dolphin Safari in Auckland’s beautiful Harauki Gulf.  

Wakana Winer Dolphin trip3Our lucky winner was Wakana Moriwaki (from Japan) and last weekend she went on the safari with her NZLC classmate and friend Chiharu.  

We spoke to Wakanan about the safari:  

It was a beautiful and very hot Sunday in Auckland.  A perfect day to go on a dolphin safari! We left from Auckland Viaduct at about midday and we spent 4.5 hours on the boat. After about an hour, we saw a huge pod of dolphins and they were following the boat for about half an hour! There were even baby dolphins! I had only seen dolphins in captivity before this trip so it was a really amazing experience so thank you NZLC!”  

Wakana Winer Dolphin Trip

There are hundreds of islands and beaches around Auckland and it is very common to see dolphins and whales playing at our beaches, especially during summer. 

Almost half the world’s whale and dolphin species are found in New Zealand and sometimes they even visit the Auckland Harbour, 2 minutes’ walk from NZLC! Just a few days ago a pod of orca whales were even spotted swimming in the Wellington Harbour!     

Wakana Winer Dolphin trip2

New Zealand is also home to hundreds of birds, seals, lizards, frogs, insects, bats and of course lots of sheep! Kiwis are very proud of our native and non-native animals and fish and we do our best to keep our country clean and green to protect them so visitors and future generations can enjoy seeing them in their natural habitat!  

We hope you can visit soon to experience this beautiful country for yourself!

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