English Teacher Training Programmes at NZLC

New Zealand Language Centres (NZLC) offer a wide variety of English teacher training programmes, certifications, general language classes, and special interest topic courses for students and teaching professionals of every level.

Talented and creative English teachers are highly sought after in today’s job market with the rise of English as a global, standardised language, but with so many certification options available, choosing the right course for your career and educational goals can be an overwhelming task.

In this article, we've broken down just a few of the University of Cambridge accredited English teacher training programmes NZLC offers for anyone interested in pursuing a career in English education in New Zealand or abroad, or as part of a general teaching curriculum.

CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

CELTA is one of the most widely-taken and highly-recognised certifications students can earn to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages. As a course designed to allow you to teach English anywhere in the world, the CELTA programme is also a highly practical one that not only equips you with the skills you need to start your teaching career, but gives those with previous teaching experience the opportunity to develop professionally.

  The CELTA programme is primarily aimed at native English speakers who have little to  no experience teaching English, or those who have experience but no formal qualifications or training. However, CELTA is also suitable for non-native speakers who have a high proficiency in both written and spoken English (C2/C1 on the Council of Europe Framework, equivalent to A/B grade at CAE or 7.5 on IELTS.)  

This flexibility to cater to such a diverse audience makes the CELTA programme particularly useful for students who wish to travel abroad to teach, but the CELTA can also be obtained by proficient non-native speakers wishing to teach in their home country, or more generally, any student or professional who wishes to brush up on or further develop their English teaching skills.  

The full-time CELTA course at NZLC covers all aspects of ESL instruction, including language analysis, lesson planning, methodology, classroom management, and professional development. Students are trained in a supervised classroom setting and given both written and oral feedback on their teaching, lesson planning, and written assignments.  

What sets the CELTA course apart from other education training courses, however, is its practical component; during the programme students are given the opportunity to teach real ESL students for a total of 6 hours, making it a great way to jumpstart your career in ESL education  

Additionally, the CELTA programme is externally moderated for curriculum quality and standard adherence by outside assessors, trained and approved by the University of Cambridge. These moderators regularly check that every CELTA course taught across the globe is performing to the specific standards that Cambridge has set, which ensures quality and superior educational standards for each of the programme’s students and administrators.  

Ready to take that next step? Catapult your English education career today with this highly flexible and globally in-demand certification from the New Zealand Language Centre.    

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

TESOL is an intensive academic programme at NZLC designed to provide training for students wanting to teach English to non-native speakers. This intensive discipline covers methodologies, materials development, effective communication methods, and a variety of other topics that will help provide English teachers thorough and advanced training in this exciting field.

TESOL is unique in that it is not a traditional certification programme, but a field of its own that is generally combined with other certifications and classes (typically the TKT) to provide more comprehensive English teacher training, combining the basic principles of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and ESL (English as a Second Language).

By integrating the fundamentals of basic, functional English with the thoroughness of daily, conversational English into one programme, TESOL emphasises adaptability and trains students to tailor their teaching methods, curriculums, expectations, and activities to the variety of needs and learning styles of their individual classrooms. As with the CELTA programme, students are given hands-on instructional experience and direct feedback, as well as evaluated based on course progress and additional written assignments.

TECSOL (Teaching English to Child Speakers of Other Languages)

The TECSOL course at NZLC is perhaps one of the most fun, challenging, and rewarding programmes we offer in English teacher education.

This comprehensive teacher training series emphasises the unique needs of children of all ages, ethnicities, and English-speaking levels, while integrating lesson planning strategies, games, classroom management tactics, and assessment methods for the youth classroom setting.

In addition to the standard supervised instructional time, feedback, and written assessments, this course also incorporates observation and visitation time at the library and two primary schools for a direct, focused curriculum that is highly valued in the job market.

The TECSOL programme is ideal for uncertified students wishing to teach young learners of all ages, current English teachers wishing to expand their skills and opportunities, or those wishing to keep their English skills up to date.

TKT Course (Teaching Knowledge Test)

While CELTA, TESOL, and TECSOL are each aimed at training students who desire to teach non-native speakers of English, the TKT is designed to test specific areas of knowledge necessary to teach English in any classroom setting, age group, or region.

The TKT is divided into a set of modules for which you are awarded certification in each module completed, which makes it a flexible and adaptable option for students of every level, especially in combination with any of NZLC’s other English teacher training programmes.

For many, the TKT course is a versatile set of certifications that can emphasise in-demand teaching credentials, enhance or build a current teaching resume, broaden teaching experience, or simply keep English skills up-to-date with current standards.

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