English + Cookery Group Tour!

In February 2016 NZLC Auckland welcomed a group of eight university students along with their tour leader from Japan.

University Students Group Tour Cookery English

The students came to participate in a summer tour programme of English + Activities for four weeks.

In their home country, the young women are all in the middle of their food and nutritional science degrees so NZLC organised a specially designed programme to incorporate not only New Zealand cultural and sports activities but their programme also included a range of local culinary activities!  

University Students Group Tour Cookery english2The students studied General English with other NZLC students from all over the world during the mornings and in the afternoon they set out on their activities, such as supermarket tour, cooking classes, a chocolate boutique visit and a visit to Auckland Fish Market all accompanied by Senri Kinran University English teacher Kent Hatashita.  

Here’s what Kent had to say about the experience:

Every year, the staff at NZLC Auckland put together a fantastic programme that incorporates language learning, NZ culture and activities based on my students’ majors and this year is no different. The staff’s easy-going yet professional support and extensive knowledge of local attractions and activities makes the planning process a pleasure. The end result is an experience my students thoroughly enjoy while broadening their horizons and consistently ranks as one of their best memories from their time at university.”  

The students all stayed with different families to enjoy an authentic New Zealand experience and make the most of practising their spoken English NZLC has been hosting a wide variety of groups for the last thirty years and can organise a personalised tour down to the last detail!

University Students Group Tour Cookery english3

Our flexible Study Tour team can arrange tours from five to a hundred students of any English level and with any special requests or requirements.  

University Students Group Tour Cookery english4Thanks for coming Senri Kinran Group! It’s been lovely to have you and we hope that you had a great time! We look forward to welcoming a new group again next year!  

If you are interested in organising a group tour to NZLC Auckland or Wellington, contact us for a quote.

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