English Class for Business Purposes

On Monday the 17th of November 2014, the latest English for Business Purposes class started at NZLC. English Class for Business purposes - NZLC

English for Business Purposes, (EPB), is a five week course designed for students at an Intermediate level or above who are looking to expand their business English skills, improve confidence and learn valuable lessons on conducting themselves in a professional environment.

Each course caters to the specific needs as expressed by students during their first day of the course. Topics include marketing, accounting, report writing, CV writing and interviews, presentations, leadership skills, international relations, management, human resources and more. The morning class focuses on important business vocabulary, listening, reading and writing skills and the afternoon classes are designed to provide speaking practice in a natural, business context.

David from Colombia (pictured front-right), enrolled in a 24 week course at NZLC. He started by improving his general English skills and moved to the business class in October, 2014. Here’s what David had to say about his experience:

 “I loved the business teachers. They challenged us a lot and I saw huge improvements is my classmates’ confidence in all areas. I’ve always been confident with business in Spanish but now I feel confident that I can express myself clearly in a business context in English too.”

Next month David will return to Colombia feeling confident that he can excel in his career and impress future employees with his English skills. Some of the other October EPB graduates are going to use their skills to find jobs here in New Zealand and others will go on to further study.

All the students know of the advantages the experience can give them in a world where business English skills are highly sought after.

EPB teacher Dave says that he always feels extremely proud at the end of each business course. “At the beginning of the course, many of the students are very shy and don’t know how to express themselves clearly in a business context. During the five week course, I see huge improvements in their confidence. Students all have the same goal in mind, therefore they are really supportive of each other and always end up being really great friends after the five weeks. I think that’s great.”

For more information about the English for Business Purposes courses, please contact us.


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