Does NZLC offer "English Camps"?

Some countries refer to an English + Activities Programme as an “English Camp”. This doesn’t mean that you will be camping in the bush with a tent and sleeping bag!

Camping Definition

Our “English Camps” are for young learners aged between 11 and 17 years of age. They are held twice a year during summer and winter. Students study English in the morning followed by sightseeing and sporting activities in the afternoon.

Y Ls at Motat

YL Farm Visit

YLS at Rope Climbing

Our summer “English camp” recently finished this month. The students had lots of fun on the programme. Here’s what Laura from New Caledonia had to say:

It’s a great course. My class is very fun and we learn lots of new things. My teacher Linda is very very kind to us. I love Auckland City, the buildings and streets.  I also love the hospitable people like our activities coordinator Michelle. She is very kind and super funny.

Laura - YL student

Laura Telinge

Young Learners English + Activities 2014

Our next English + Activities programme will be during the New Zealand winter from 9 June to 22 August 2014. View the Young Learners English + Activities Calendar.

To find out about our other young learner courses, visit our Young Learners page.

Do you have a group that wants to choose their own English + Activity Programme?

We can also arrange study tour groups for any group size during any time of the year. Visit the Group Study Tours page to find out more.

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