Congratulations to our September - November 2014 Cambridge Classes!

CAE Class NZLC September 2014

Over the past twelve weeks the NZLC Cambridge classes have all been working incredibly hard towards the same goal: To sit their FCE and CAE Exam and receive an official qualification from the prestigious Cambridge University. Last week, they finally had the chance to put everything they had learned to the test!

FCE (First Certificate in English) and CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) are ten or twelve week English courses designed for students at an Intermediate level and above who are looking to gain an English qualification that lasts a lifetime and opens up a world of opportunities in their professional and personal lives. Not to mention, a qualification from the second oldest English speaking university in the world!

This September, NZLC ran two FCE classes and one CAE class which consisted of students from a range of nationalities and backgrounds. The students sat their speaking tests on Saturday the 29th of November and the written part of the test was on the following Wednesday and Thursday.

After the tests, the students felt a great sense of satisfaction and were confident that they had prepared well and would get the result they hoped for.  Now they will wait for their results to arrive in mid-February. We can’t wait!

FCE CAE Students Fish and Chips November 2014

FCE Class NZLC Last Day November 2014

Our September CAE and FCE groups have had an amazing New Zealand experience. They have spent the last twelve weeks not only supporting each other academically but also forming lifelong friendships outside of the classroom. Their teachers are so proud of everything they’ve achieved and are excited for them to start the next step of their English adventure.

Some of the students will continue studying at NZLC, others are heading home to their countries to find jobs and some will now use their new skills to travel feeling confident that they can get by in any situation.

FCE Class 2 NZLC Last Day November 2014

In 2015, we have FCE and CAE classes running in January, March and September with the exam scheduled immediately after the course finishes. See Calendar here.

If you are thinking about taking the Cambridge Courses, contact us for more information.

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