Congratulations for completing your NZLC English + Barista Package course!

We are very proud of NZLC student Chisa Kobayashi for completing an NZLC English + 1 week (Part 1 + Part 2) Barista Course and 1 week Cafe Internship at the New Zealand School of Food and Wine in December!

Chisa arrived from Japan to start her English classes at NZLC in October 2014. She knew that she wanted to find café work in NZ but wasn’t sure where to start without any experience. Doing an English combined with a barista course was the perfect way for her to start her job search and give her an extra advantage! From 9.00am -3.15pm Chisa studied English as usual at an Intermediate level and from 4.00pm -7.00pm she participated in the barista course for 1 week.

Studying Engligh in the Morning

Learning to Make the Perfect Coffee

The New Zealand School of Food and Wine is located one floor above NZLC and offers a variety of after-class courses to NZLC students. We caught up with Chisa this week to find out about her experience...

Part One is a nine hour course spread over three days. On the first day Chisa met and mingled with her twelve classmates who came from all over the world including Korea, New Zealand, Argentina and more. Together they tasted coffee and discussed the differences between each type. They learned how to extract coffee from an expresso machine, how to keep a machine clean and even made their first flat whites! Over the next two days, Chisa learned all about types of coffee beans, how they are roasted, coffee processing and learned to make cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, mochas and more.


Chisa said the best thing about Part One was how much she achieved and how much practice she got. On her first day, everything was a challenge. She couldn’t even pour steamed milk but by day three she felt like an expert! Learning the art of coffee making was a challenge but her tutors were helpful, skilled, kind and there was lots of one-on-one tuition.



Part Two expands on everything that is taught in Part One in much more detail and covers areas of customer services such as talking to customers, using a till and making the perfect coffee combined with speed and body language. The trainees did role-plays to perfect their skills and practise pronunciation, fluency and vocabulary used in a hospitality context. They continued to practise using the espresso machine and tried making more challenging orders such as coffee with soy milk. Chisa said her biggest challenge was using her English to sound professional and accurate and also speeding up all her skills, luckily she had the morning English classes to perfect her spoken fluency.

In one week Chisa had completed the two-part course and it was time to put her skills to the test in a natural context by doing an internship. She spent the next five days working a few hours a day at Celia’s Café located right outside NZLC. Chisa practised a variety of skills needed in a café including how to handle the morning coffee rush, serving food at lunch and closing down at the end of day. The café employees were kind and helpful, making sure Chisa got lots of practice.

Day One of Internship at Celia`S Cafe

Now Chisa can put her NZLC and New Zealand School of Food and Wine qualifications on her C.V and feels confident to go out into the New Zealand workforce and find a job with her Working Holiday Visa. Chisa says after she realised how much she liked hospitality, she might even continue to work in the industry when she gets back to Japan!

Practising Using the Till


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