At NZLC our Students’ Voices Count!

NZLC students give 97% satisfaction rate on exit survey April – July 2015!

Every Monday NZLC welcomes students from all over the world to start their English journey with us.

Our goal is to provide the BEST learning experience by delivering top quality education personalised study plans, a variety of courses taught by dedicated teachers, accommodation and job advice, after-school workshops, social/community events and more!

We survey our students in their first week, once a term and when they leave. We strive to see a smile on every face and we want students to feel like they are getting the experience of a lifetime along with full support from our caring team!

So what do NZLC students like most about the school?

Student Survey 2

Results from Mid-term survey June 2015, 396 Students Surveyed (Students could choose more than one option)

Thee, from Thailand:

"My classes are so interesting and funny. I’ve got many friends from around the world and I’ve learned a lot about different cultures at the same time. Most importantly, the NZLC teachers and staff are so helpful.”

Student Survey 4

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